Get your Christmas lights up early this year….on your Lamborghini ?

22 October 2015 //

VIDEO>> A rather insane looking Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversary from the Bosozoku culture with some pretty crazy modifications such as a super flashy hologram wrap, neon lights and a very loud exhaust system that shoots flames in the night!


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NEW 4 DOOR CAR: Maserati Quattroporte Hire

17 August 2015 //

We are please to announce the arrival of the beautiful 4 door Maserati Quattroporte for rent. This luxuruious and handsome car seats 5 adutls comfortably and econimically too with over 40 mpg possible from its V6 diesel engine. Black leather and white paintwork make this the perfect hire for a wedding or special occasion requiring passengers to make a stylish entrance. A weekend hire of this car is only £995 +VAT for 4 days from Friday morning to Monday afternoon and we throw in 300 miles. Give us a call today and rent the Maserati Quattrporte. Cheap luxury car hire has never been this good! 

For cheap Maserati Hire call us on 020 7924 7468.

Luxury & wedding car hire London. 

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AC Cobra Hire

5 June 2015 //

We are pleased to announce our latest car, the legendary AC Cobra 427 for hire. Our stunning replica was built by AK Sports Cars who are broadly acknowledged as the best Cobra replica company in existence today. 

The AC Cobra, sold as the Ford/Shelby AC Cobra in the United States is an American-engined British sports car produced intermittently since 1962. AC started using the 2.6 litre Ford Zephyr engine in its cars. In September 1961, American automotive designer Carroll Shelby wrote to AC asking if they would build him a car modified to accept a V8 engine. AC agreed and Shelby eventually sourced the popular Ford 427 V8 7 Litre. The rest is history.

This model benefits from 18" Halibrand wheels, stainless steel exhaust, single roll bar and a top quality factory fitted hood and tonneau cover should you need it. It sounds amazing too and you will turn heads wherever you take your Cobra hire in the UK. It's unlikely any of us will get to drive the original car as prices are in the hundreds of thousands so the hire of a replica AC Cobra really is the closest you will get and it's still an amazing experience. Popular for weddings and birthday gifts the hire of this Cobra makes any special occasion that extra bit amazing. 

AC Cobra hire in London is cheap in comparision to hiring a Ferrari or Lamborghini but just as much fun. Your AC Cobra experience doesn't have to start in London as we provide a nationwide delivery and collection servce. Rent the Shelby Cobra from D.H.CULLEN and create a memory you are unlikely to forget. 

For your AC Cobra hire experience contact a member of our friendly professional staff on 020 7924 7468 or

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NEW ARRIVAL: Aston Martin Rapide (4 Door / 4 Seats) HIRE

13 April 2015 //

We are pleased to announce that D.H.CULLEN Ltd. has secured a beautiful 4 door, 4 seat Aston Martin Rapide Supercar for hire or rent. 

This stunning car is finished in Quantum Solace Silver with sand coloured leather and benefits from the latest equipment including a Bang & Olufsen sound system, TV monitors for the rear passengers and smart phone hook-up. The 6 litre V12 engine offers unlimited power and driving is easy with the choice of automatic or touchtronic (paddle) modes.

Whether you have a wedding or special occasion coming up just or need 4 door luxury for whatever reason and you need to carry passengers with a Supercar feel this Supercar rental is ideal for you. And it’s not just people it carries well, the rear opens like a hatch revealing a large boot that continues into the cabin making it very practical for the storage of luggage. This is the only Rapide available for hire we are aware of in the UK. Delivery / collection can be arranged to anywhere in the UK or Europe. 

This luxury car is available for hire immediately and will be booked up very quickly especially in the summer months so contact us today at or call our friendly staff on 020 7924 7468. 

For prices please: CLICK HERE

  • Auto / semi-auto
  • Air con
  • Sat Nav
  • B&O Sound System
  • Rear TV’s
  • Cruise control
  • Sport Mode


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Jeremy Clarkson is to be sacked as Top Gear presenter after assaulting producer Oisin Tymon.

24 March 2015 //

Jeremy Clarkson is to be sacked as Top Gear presenter after a BBC investigation concluded he did attack a producer on the programme.
Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC, is expected to announce his decision on Wednesday after considering the findings of an internal investigation.
Clarkson, 54, will be thanked for his work on the hugely popular motoring show, but will be told such behaviour cannot be tolerated at the Corporation.
It is understood a report into the so-called ‘fracas’ at a North Yorkshire hotel, concluded that presenter spent 20 minutes verbally abusing producer Oisin Tymon, before launching a 30 second physical assault on him.

Producer Oisin Tymon
The outburst came after Clarkson, who is one of the BBC’s best paid stars, was informed he could not have steak and chips after a day’s filming because the hotel where they were staying had stop serving hot food.
But despite finally deciding to axe the show's star presenter, the BBC is planning to continue broadcasting Top Gear on BBC2.
According to well-placed sources, senior executives at the Corporation have been wooing Radio 2 Breakfast Show host and self- confessed ‘petrol-head’, Chris Evans in the hope he will agree to take over.

Radio 2 star Chris Evans is tipped to take over
Evans, 48, who has one of the most prestigious car collections in Britain, including a £12 million 1963 Ferrari 250GTO, had previously ruled himself out of the running, but bosses are keen to persuade him to sign up.
It is not clear whether Clarkson’s co presenters James May and Richard Hammond will remain with the programme or will join Clarkson on any new ventures.

It is thought Clarkson may sign for American network Netflix, which is becoming increasingly popular with global TV audiences.
Despite feeling he has been left with no alternative but to sack Clarkson, Lord Hall is expected to thank him for helping to build Top Gear into one of the Corporation’s crown jewels and praise him as a “brilliant broadcaster”.

Sold to more than 170 countries around the world, the programme, which was re-launched in its current format in 2002, generates an estimated £50 million a year for the BBC.
It is understood Lord Hall will defend Clarkson’s controversial and politically incorrect style of broadcasting and say there is a place at the Corporation for that style of presenting.
And while he made the decision with a heavy heart, sources said he felt he had been left with no choice after an internal investigation concluded Clarkson had attacked a junior member of staff.
According to a report compiled by BBC Scotland boss Ken MacQuarrie and submitted at the weekend, Clarkson verbally abused Mr Tymon for 20 minutes, before physically attacking for at least 30 seconds .
The ‘fracas’ as it was initially described by the BBC took place at the Simonstone Hall hotel near Hawes in North Yorkshire when Clarkson was informed that there was no hot food available after a day’s filming.
Clarkson, who has a seven figure contract with the BBC, was suspended on March 10 after reporting himself to his bosses over the incident.
His suspension led to a huge wave of support from the show’s fans with more than a million people signing an online petition to reinstate him.
Even the Prime Minister, who is a neighbour of Clarkson, weighed into the row when he described him as being a “huge talent”.
But a series of controversial incidents, including allegations of racism, forced BBC bosses to issue Clarkson with a final warning last year.
With Evans already a popular and established broadcaster, who has appeared on Top Gear on a number of occasions, his appointment would be seen as a safe bet.
But the decision to continue with the programme will still be regarded as something of a risk for the BBC.
For many Top Gear fans it was Clarkson’s irreverent and near the knuckle brand of humour that helped make the show so popular.
But his frequent controversies created a headache for bosses at the publicly funded broadcaster, who were regularly forced to defend embarrassing situations or comments.

In 2012 he sparked complaints by the Indian High Commission after making a series of derogatory remarks about the country during a road trip there.
During a show filmed in Burma last year he use the word slope, in a manner that critics claimed had been deliberately racist and was also forced to apologise after appearing to use the N-word during a segment that was never broadcast.

Last October he also caused chaos in Argentina after driving a car with a number plate H982 FKL, which local Falklands War veterans claimed was an act of deliberate provocation.

(Source: The Telegraph)

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New ‘Stealth’ speed cameras look set to end speeding for good on our Motorways.

26 February 2015 //

The recently installed stealth camera is near Clacket Lane Services between Junctions 5 and 7 on the M25. In its first few months of operation it has caught three of the countries fastest speeders inlcuding the highest speed recorded last year - 146 mph. Known as 'Hadecs3', the devices have drawn crticism because they are hard to spot. Traditional Gatso-style cameras are painted yellow but the stealth cameras are smaller, grey and require no calibration lines on the road. 

Of course we are not condoning breaking the speed limit & support the Highways Agency when thay say the cameras are primarily for safety but this 'Hadecs3' has already generated about £150,000 in fines in its first three months. Last week the Labour Party promised to introduce regulations that would see the cameras painted yellow if they won the general election in May.

A similar camera near the A10 / M25:

(source: The Sunday Times)


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The new Ferrari 488 GTB has been announced and its awesome….

3 February 2015 //

This is the Ferrari 488 GTB, the hotly anticipated evolution of the 458 Italia that ushers turbocharging into a modern-day mid-engined V8 Ferrari supercar for the first time.

The new car follows the California T in adopting turbocharging on a mainstream Ferrari, but the firm says the engine of the 488 GTB is completely new when compared with its V8 stablemate, not just in components but also in feel and character. It will go into production in September after production of the 458 Italia range ends in the summer.

The 488 GTB’s engine is a twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre unit (3902cc); the California T’s is a 3855cc unit. The new engine produces 660bhp at 8000rpm and 560lb ft at 3000rpm. Both outputs are significant increases over the normally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 used in the 458 Italia and 458 Speciale. This produces 562bhp at 9000rpm in the former and 597bhp at 9000rpm in the latter; the torque figure of 398lb ft at 6000rpm in the former is the same in both cars.

The outputs of the 488 GTB also eclipse that of its likely biggest rival, the McLaren 650S. The Woking car produces 641bhp at 7250rpm and 500lb ft at 6000rpm, although an imminent new McLaren supercar called the 675LT has a confirmed power output of 666bhp and will make its debut alongside the 488 GTB at the Geneva motor show in March.

The torque figure of the 488 GTB is such that it also exceeds the 509lb ft at 6000rpm of the normally aspirated V12 used in the range-topping Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

The mighty new engine in the 488 GTB drives the rear wheels through a revised seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox derived from the 458. It features a new ‘Variable Torque Management’ system, which Ferrari says “unleashes the engine’s massive torque smoothly and powerfully right across the rev range”. The gear ratios are also tuned to “deliver incredibly progressive acceleration when the driver floors the throttle”.

The 488 GTB can crack 0-62mph in just 3.0sec, 0-124mph in 8.4sec and reach a top speed of 205mph. Its 0-62mph time matches the McLaren 650S’s, but the Ferrari’s 0-124mph time is 0.1sec quicker than the McLaren's and the top speed is 1mph greater.

The engine also accounts for the '488' element of the car’s name, because each of the engine’s eight cylinders is 488cc in capacity when rounded up. The GTB suffix, standing for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, is a hallmark of previous mid-engined V8 Ferraris such as the 308 GTB.

Ferrari says its engineers have “dedicated great attention to perfecting the 488 GTB’s sound, creating a new soundtrack that is full, clear and totally distinctive”.

Not only is the new turbo engine more potent than the 4.5-litre V8 from the 458 Italia, but it is also more economical. Combined fuel economy is rated at 24.8mpg, compared with 21.2mpg in the 458 Italia, and CO2 emissions are 260g/km, a 47g/km improvement. Ferrari’s HELE stop-start system features on the 488 GTB.

Developments on the dynamic side include a second generation of the Side Slip Angle Control system called SSC2, which allows the driver to oversteer without intruding unless it detects a loss of control. The SSC2 now controls the active dampers in addition to the F1-Trac traction control system and E-Diff electronic differential. Ferrari says the result is “more precise and less invasive, providing greater longitudinal acceleration out of corners” and flatter, more stable behaviour during “complex manoeuvres”.

Learnings from the Ferrari XX programme have also been incorporated into the 488 GTB, something that Ferrari says allows all drivers to make the most of its electronic and vehicle control systems, not just professionals. It also claims the 488 GTB is “the most responsive production model there is”, and has responses comparable to a track car.


The 488 GTB has lapped Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in 1min 23sec, which is two seconds faster than the 458 Italia and half a second quicker than the 458 Speciale.

The dimensions of the 488 GTB closely match the 458 Italia from which it has evolved, measuring 4568mm in length, 1952mm in width and 1213mm in height. Its dry weight is 1370kg when equipped with lightweight options - 40kg more than the McLaren 650S.

The new look, styled at the Ferrari Styling Centre, features several new aerodynamic features that improve downforce and also reduce drag. Most notable is the addition of active aerodynamics at the rear through a ‘blown’ rear spoiler, where air is channelled from the base of the glass engine cover under the spoiler. This contributes to the 50% increase in downforce over the 458 Italia.

Also new is a double front spoiler, an aerodynamic underbody, a large air intake at the front that references the 308 GTB, a diffuser with active flaps, new positioning for the exhaust flaps and new-look lights.

The interior has been redesigned to be made more usable, including new switchgear, air vents and instrument panel. The multi-function steering wheel remains, while the infotainment system gets a new interface and graphics.

Pricing has not yet been revealed ahead of Geneva, but expect an increase over the £178,851 of the 458 Italia.


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Rowan Atkinson is selling his infamous McLaren F1 for £8 Million !

24 January 2015 //

Actor Rowan Atkinson has put his beloved McLaren F1 sports car on the market for a cool £8million. The Blackadder star, 60, bought the 241mph motor for £540,000 in 1997. It has since soared in value, despite the comedian crashing it twice – including in 2011 when it skidded into a tree. That time it cost an incredible £900,000 to be fixed in what was believed to be the UK’s record single car insurance payout. Giving his reasons for parting with the prized vehicle, Rowan said: “It was never bought as an investment. “I bought it for the quality of the thinking that went into its design and now it has become a thing of value, it is time for it to be enjoyed by someone else.” He added: “What I enjoyed most about it when I first drove it was how lovely it was to drive slowly. To pootle is a pleasure. Of course I’ve gone to a track and done 200mph in it.” The supercar has 41,000 miles on the clock and Rowan admitted: “Most of the miles are journeys you might do in any other car – going to Sainsbury’s or doing the school run.”

Luxury London dealer Taylor & Crawley is selling the motor on his behalf. Boss David Clark said: “If I had the choice of buying a 1,000-mile McLaren F1 that has been hidden away or Rowan’s with 41,000 miles I would take Rowan’s. “It has the interesting history and this is what people look for. “A lot of cars are indicative of the people who own them and a lot of serious car collectors own an F1 and that gives it great credibility. Jay Leno has one and Ralph Lauren has more than one.” The F1 is considered by many experts to be the greatest sports car of all time. It has a 6.1-litre V12 engine and will do 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds. Yet Rowan pointed out that in contrast to more recent­ ­supercars, it will “seat three and store enough for you all to go on holiday”. But owning it has not always been a smooth ride for the Mr Bean creator, who is worth an ­estimated £71million. In August 2011 he lost control when he hit a slippery patch of road near ­Peterborough. The car smashed into a tree and he was left with a shoulder injury. But the damage to the vehicle was far worse as the engine was thrown 20 yards from the chassis. Technicians at McLaren spent four weeks calculating the repair cost, with the figure working out at £910,000. Salesman David said the work made it “pretty much a brand new car”. He added: “I am expecting a lot of interest in the F1. “Anyone who wants a wonderful car with a great story, which includes the accidents, then this F1 is a fantastic thing. “Apart from the accidents, I think Rowan has enjoyed every minute with the F1 and I think he will have withdrawal when it is gone.


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Meanwhile, down on the farm….

8 January 2015 //

I bets my noo range rover is strunger than your old one...oooh arrrr. English farmers at their best, hilarious. 


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Pain in the neck - Crazy guy in India drives everywhere in reverse!

22 December 2014 //


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