CHEAP Range Rover HIRE

20 February 2018 // Cars, News

Range Rover Luxury SUV Hire at AFFORDABLE prices. D.H.CULLEN Sports, Luxury & Supercar Hire are pleased to offer Range Rover Evoke, Sport, Velar and Vogue car hire / rent in Clapham Junction, Battersea. 

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WATCH > Elon Musk’s Heavy Rocket launches Telsa into Space

7 February 2018 // News

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Telsa Electric Car Hire London

2 February 2018 // News

Hire / rent the futuristic Tesla Model X here in London. Cheap Luxury Car hire for all budgets. The Model X is a high-tec 7 seater with a range of over 250 miles before re-charging. Telsa electric car hire London has taken this type of transport into the future creating affordable, practical and cheap electric car hire for use in London and nationwide. 

If you want to hire an electric car in London then DHCULLEN will be happy to help. Please contact our friendly, professional staff 020 7924 7468 or click here to visit our website. 

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Hire a Range Rover Velar

10 January 2018 // Cars, News

COMING SOON: D.H.CULLEN Luxury Car Hire are pleased to announce the arrival in 2018 of the new Range Rover Velar. This new addition to the ever expanding Land Rover, Range Rover range (bit of a tongue-twister) sits in between the Evoque and the Sport. It uses a new platform and is underpinned by the Jaguar F-Pace. 

It's handsome good looks and smooth surfaces means it looks elegant and expensive and the interior is just as swish with a new glass cockpit system. And yes it is just as capable off-road, if not more so than it's older siblings. 

Why not enquire today about the hire of the Range Rover Velar. Rent a Range Rover Velar from D.H.CULLEN in London. Luxury SUV car hire has never been so easy. Whether it is for a wedding, birthday, trip away or any other reason please put your luxury car hire enquiry to one of our friendly, professional staff. click here >020 7924 7468



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Making First Supercar in North Korea for Great Leader…

11 October 2017 //



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Classic Car Hire - Gift Voucher

15 March 2017 // Cars

Is someone special's birthday approaching? Not sure what to get them? A classic car gift voucher from D.H.CULLEN Sports Car Hire is the perfect present. With 20 classic cars to choose from starting from just £150 +VAT you are bound to find the car which will make their day extra special. 

Our friendly, professional staff can help you choose the right car for the right occasion. Hires start from 1 day (24 hours mid-week) but we also offer a great value long weekend hires which run from Friday to Monday (72 hours). All hires include insurance for 1 driver and 100 miles per day in the price. We operate a convenient, free meet & greet serivce out of Clapham Juction railway station or alternatively we can deliver / collect your classic car hire anywhere in the mainland UK (charges apply).

When you have chosen your classic car voucher we post your luxury gift card out to you by recorded delivery. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase and can be exchanged for, or used towards, any of our classic, sports or supercar car hire services. All hires are bound by our T&C's available on our wesbite. Age & licence restrictions apply. Deposit required. 

Browse our amazing range of cars today and contact us on 020 7924 7468 / 


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Wedding Car Hire - Top 10 Tips YOU MUST READ

9 January 2017 // Media, News


The self-drive hire of classic, sports and supercars is increasing in popularity for weddings. There's an amazing choice of models to fit even the most unique and elaborate of weddings. The bride's car has traditionally been the centre of attention but increasingly groom's are wanting to get in on the action with a sports car they can arrive in. Often better value than the expense of a traditional chauffeured car by the hour, a self-drive sports car can be yours all weekend and you can even add family and friends to the insurance to share in the fun. Here's 10 important facts we think you need to read before you make your wedding car hire choice...


1. Classic or modern car.

Ultimately this comes down to taste. Think of your back drop for the wedding photos...would a 16th century church really suit a modern bright yellow Lamborghini? Classic cars tend to suit older surroudings. If its a winter wedding think about the temperature, classic and vintage cars can be colder than you imagine and also tend to be smaller. 

2. Convertible or hard-top.

Most sports and supercars in the hire market are convertible. Great in the summer and great for the photos on your special day but make sure the roof is practial as most brides will not want to ruin their hair in the wind on the way to the church or get wet if our changeable British weather decides to bless you with rain.

3. Two or four doors.

Depending on your wedding entourage and dress it may be more practical to sit in the back of a car with the person giving you away or bridesmaids etc. Most 2 door sports and supercars cars have just 2 seats so bear ths in mind. And it's not just Rolls-Royce - Bentley, Maserati, Aston Martin and Mercedes all have beautiful, luxury 4 door models which you can find for hire. 

4. Colour. 

A white car is most commonly thought of as the traditional colour for a bride but with more and more weddings leaving convention behind anything goes these days (ok maybe not black !). Think about colour schemes and the brides dress for photography purposes. A silver / grey Aston Martin looks stunning wth a bride in white but a white car can look dirty quickly and clash with the dress. A blue hire car is a popular gift from the groom as the rhyme says "...something borrowed, something blue...". 

5. Budget.

You can hire a self-drive basic classic or sports car from as little as £180 per day. Supercars and luxury 4 door cars are more expensive (ranging from £300 to £1,500 per day). The minimum hire is normally 1 day (24 hours) and includes 100 miles and Saturday & Sunday often requires a minimum weekend hire especially in the summer months. Weekends are often better value and come with more mileage allowance. Check how much the excess deposit is - all car hire requires a deposit and the amount will refect the value of the car. They normally range from £1,000 to £5,000 but the money is not taken - it is a pre-authorisation against a bank / credit card. Remember, the excess deposit is the maximum figure you would be liable for in the event of any damage. 

6. Performance. 

Don't worry. Tearing around at crazy speeds on your wedding day is a definite 'no no'. Style and good looks is what you want on your special day and a car that sounds great is just as exciting. 

7. Age, licence and number of drivers. 

Most performance car hire is for 28 to 65 year olds however those who are aged 25 to 28 or 65 to 70 can normally be covered if they have a clean licence. You may be asked to pay a small premium. And don't worry, a few penalty points on your licence can normally be tollerated if its for minor offences. Those with more serious endorsements will need to be referred to the insurers. Hire companies will normally add two additional drivers to the insurance for a small fee. Great if you want to let the best man or father-in-law have a go or get a cousin to do a bit of chauffeuring!  Licence terms and conditions will apply. 

8. Can I get the car delivered and collected.

Yes most reputable sports car hire companies offer a nationwide deilvery and collection service. Charges apply based on distance, days of the week and time of day. Weekdays are cheaper than weekends and prices increase outside the hours of 9am to 5pm. If you can collect from the hire company yourself then it will be cheaper but bear in mind your mileage allowance which will start when you take the car, delivered or not. Please note extra miles above your 100 daily allowance can normally be pre-purchased in advance - unplanned over-miles will be charged at a higher rate. 

9. Which company is safest to book with.

This is probably the most important. There are literally hundreds of companies offering sports car hire on the internet so a referral is always the safest way but if that's not possible then look at their feedback on Google and most importantly give them a call. Never part with your money without speaking to anyone and avoid websites with only mobile phone numbers and no contact address. Check they are listed with Companies House and  that they provide adequate insurance - ask for a copy of their policy if necessary - motor traders cover is not adequeate, it must be a specific policy for the self-drive hire of high performance cars. Read the companies T&C's in detail and only sign if you fully understand.Finally make sure they will be puncutal and always start your car hire the day before your wedding day

10. Checking and driving your car. 

Check the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle you are interested in and ask for photos of the actual car to be emailed to you - if the price is too good to be true then it probably is! Poorly looked after, high mileage cars will be cheaper but will be less reliable and look worse. When you are presented with the car make sure you both record the mileage, fuel and any damage that exists. Don't be afraid to use your smart phone to take photos or even videos. Remember, drive safely - any motoring offences you comit and any resutling fines will be your responsibilty but more importantly have fun! 

D.H.CULLEN Ltd is the UK's leading specialist for the hire of sports, classic, luxury and supercars with many years experience. Professional & friendly staff can answer any questions you may have: 020 7924 746





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Aussie man crashes multi-million pound McLaren F1 in New Zealand: WATCH VIDEO>

3 December 2016 // News

The driver of a McLaren F1 car worth an estimated £7 million could be charged after a crash at Closeburn near Queenstown, police say. The grey supercar, capable of reaching a speed of almost 400km/h, appeared to have spun off the road and into a ditch today after a tight left-hand uphill bend heading towards Glenorchy on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road. The 1994 car is part of the inaugural Epic New Zealand Road Tour, a convoy of 31 McLarens from around the world travelling from Auckland to Queenstown this week.

After the crash, the car was covered by a black McLaren dust cover and one person guarding it attempted to stop media from taking photos. Another man jovially offered cash to a reporter if they would go away. A police spokeswoman at the Wellington media centre confirmed that the crash was being investigated.

The driver, a 65-year-old Australian man, was understood to have sustained minor injuries. He was taken to Queenstown Medical Centre for treatment for a broken or sprained thumb. Queenstown Sergeant Blair Duffy was at the scene and said the crash happened at 11.45am. "[The car] was with a procession of McLarens heading from the Hilton Hotel to Glenorchy.''Sgt Duffy said officers had yet to speak to the driver, who was taken to the medical centre before police arrived. A nearby resident, who phoned police and was first on the scene, said: "I was upstairs doing the dishes and I heard this screeching going on for ages. "I thought that ain't no normal car and it's going pretty fast ... then I thought I hope it doesn't hit anything else, then I heard a bang."The woman rang police and went down to the crash site. "I ran down and saw smoke or plumes of dust. It was smashed up in the ditch in the side of the road. Two cars pretty asap pulled up alongside it. "The woman said the man was driven off in one of the other cars a short time later. Another nearby resident, who also did not want to be named, said the bend was difficult in winter. "We've had nine cars go off in one weekend, but that is generally down to black ice. "We also have the Targa Rally come round here and no one goes off.''

British comic Rowan Atkinson famously crashed his burgundy McLaren F1 into a hedge in Oxfordshire, England, in 2011.

In a statement, McLaren Automotive confirmed today there was a minor traffic incident involving one of its touring cars. "The driver sustained a minor injury to the thumb and is being checked by a medical team as a precautionary measure. "The vehicle involved has sustained some minor damage and for safety reasons will not be driven further in the touring event. No other vehicles were involved. "At all times, the Epic New Zealand Road Tour has been conducted in a safe manner on New Zealand roads, in full cooperation with authorities. The tour, which pays tribute to the brand's Kiwi founder Bruce McLaren, was due to end on Saturday. The fleet of supercars that make up the convoy are collectively worth about $45 million.

- Otago Daily Times


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Hire a classic Porsche 356 Speedster. The perfect choice for your wedding car hire.

17 February 2016 // News

The Porsche 356 Speedster is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful designs to have ever been produced by the German sports car manufacturer. With prices for a genuine car now running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds it is likely that most of us will rarley see one let alone drive one! The best way forward therefore is to drive a replica car and we offer just that opportunity. Hire the Porsche Speedster from us for your wedding, weekend away or any other special occasion. Visit our website here to hire a Speedster. You can rent the Porsche Speedster by the day which includes insurance and 100 miles. Classic sports car cheap hire has never been so exciting. We also offer other classic cars and modern luxury car hire as well. You can either come and collect the car from us in Battersea, London and start car hire there or have us delivery to you and start your car hire outside London. Give a member of our friendly staff a call on 020 7924 7468 or email 


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Cheap Range Rover Evoque P250 Hire in London

14 October 2019 // News

Great rates available on our new Range Rover Evoque P250 hire in Battersea, London. This brand new 2019 First Edition face-lift model is luxurious throughout with a full panoramic roof, leather interior and 21" alloys. Powered by an economical 2 litre hybrid its both sporty and smooth to drive. Rent a cheap new Range Rover form us today. SUV hire / rental is easy from Call us today on 020 7924 7468 or email at: 


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